Poetry by L. Jones

Refugees of Hell
In past years
refugees of Hell
called to the Americans
Americans cared little
took in little
In future years
refugees of Hell
will be killed by Americans
other Americans will care little
will take in none
Where will you go?
Refugees of Hell
hiding from fellow Americans
find Americans that care little
to take in some
Where will you be buried?
Refugees of Hell
when the “good” Americans kill you
other Americans fill your grave
and take your ornaments from you.
(c) 2009
Love Psalm
If I wrote a love psalm would you hear or
desecrate this woman you created
forsaken as I lie prostrated
In a night of submission and fear or
will you hum  a kind whisper, lull my ear or
contemplate a genocide translated
mistaken for anthems inflated
tyrants sing them proudly in the mirror.
I settle for a ballad of grieving insanity
about a miserable creation of twine and tin
whose existence grates as an unwanted profanity!
If it is a disgrace to see my oppressed friend as kin
and see a spark of divine in all of humanity
then let this wicked lament stand as my love psalm of sin.
(c) 2009
When They Lay You in The Long Shovel
When they lay you in the long shovel
will they lay your head into the oven?
Will your hair be gone? Will you be naked?
When they exterminate you “Satan Worshipers”
Will they lay your feet in the oven?
Will your fat make soap? Will you be tortured?
Will they ink you long before?
Will they lay your head in the oven?
Will a pentacle adorn your garment? Will you be starving?
Will they use Hitler and Nero against you?
Will they lay your feet in the oven?
Will works be taken? Will you even be concerned?
When they lay you in the long shovel
Does it matter what points to the ovens?
You will already be gone. You will be ash.
(c) 2006

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