I am Mr. John Savage. I am Mrs. Jane Savage. I am you. I am cannot buy into the Brave New World created for only consumerism and instant gratification and I cannot buy into the completely lost world of religious “mystery” that tells us if we just pray and sacrifice everything will be alright. I am left in my lighthouse, alone , twisting in the wind.

Either way, we are told thinking is not needed or condoned. Even in the Alternative Movements, ( Truther, TEA party, etc. ),  there is a rising group of folks that insist you can only believe in certain things, talk about certain things, ponder on certain things. If you step out of Box they are creating you are not part of the group. Isn’t that why we stepped out of the other boxes? This blog is about free, connective thinking, peppered with typos, misspellings and links of what gave me the need to think of it.


I am Mr. or Mrs. John Savage.


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