3 degrees of Facism

Welcome to my little game:

Here I see how many licks it takes to get to  the center of a  Industrial/Gov’t complex connection.


Monsanto and the FDA:

This was not even a struggle!

Mike Taylor v. Mike Taylor?

Can I ask how this is fair? Mike Taylor has NO business being in the FDA! According to Wikipedia Mike Taylor has been jumping back and forth between the Gov’t Policy Making world and the Private, Poisoners world with surprising dexterity. The following is from teh article:

“On July 7, 2009, Taylor once again returned to government as Senior Advisor to the FDA Commissioner.[21] And on January 13, 2010, he was appointed to another newly created post at the FDA, this time as Deputy Commissioner for Foods.[22]

Taylor is featured in the documentaries The Future of Food and The World According to Monsanto[23] as a pertinent example of revolving door since he is a lawyer who has spent the last few decades moving between Monsanto and the FDA and USDA.”

And I didn’t even break a sweat…


The Savage


Private Prisons:

Corrections Corporation of America (NYSECXW) (CCA)

New Mexico Women’s Facility; Winn Correctional, LA; Leavenworth Detention Center, ( federal), Immigration detention.

Key People:   CEO, Damon T. Hininger  $3,696,798 a year,
as of Fiscal Year 2011

Board Member, Thurgood Marshall, Jr. ( HELLO! Worked in the Clinton White house! Linked as Board Member to Genesco Products, ( shoes, sportswear…Dockers, Journeys Brand.) His buddy Robert Dennis, top exec at Genesco Joined CCA’s Board in Feb of 2013…( I am considering a link to goods being made in prison?)

Board Member, Donna Alvarado. ( Bingo! Her Businessweek Profile says she served in many strong Federal Gov’t capacities!!!) Also Director on the  board of CSX Rail Based Transportation services. 50 Depots around the US control the majority of coal to ELEC. movment. CSX and CCA have been in negotiation wit the state of FLA with a shady deal that looks like “prisons for tracks” CSX will buy up railway if FLA will let CCA contract several prisons…  http://www.postonpolitics.com/tag/paula-dockery/


  Convicted kidnapper Dino Navarrete doesn't smile much as he
surveys the sewing machines at Soledad prison's sprawling workshop.
The short, stocky man with tattoos rippling his muscled forearms
earns 45 cents an hour making blue work shirts in a medium-security
prison near Monterey, California. After deductions, he earns about
$60 for an entire month of nine-hour days.
     "They put you on a machine and expect you to put out for
them", says Navarrete. "Nobody wants to do that. These jobs are
jokes to most inmates here." California long ago stopped claiming
that prison labor rehabilitates inmates. Wardens just want to keep
them occupied. If prisoners refuse to work, they are moved to
disciplinary housing and lose canteen privileges. Most importantly,
they lose "good time" credit that reduces their sentence.
     Navarrete was surprised to learn that California has been
exporting prison-made clothing to Asia. He and the other prisoners
had no idea that California, along with Oregon, was doing exactly
what the U.S. has been lambasting China for - exporting prison-made
goods. "You might just as well call this slave labor, then", says
Navarrete. "If they're selling it overseas, you know they're making
money. Where's the money going to? It ain't going to us." For the
first time in the interview, Navarrete's usual scowl turned briefly
into a smile.

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