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Just a quick reblog from Palmetto Prepper. I think this is a great list, not overwhelming and a good limit list to never fall below if you are a big time prepper. When you think in these minimums you will know when to start looking for supplies before it gets too desperate. I am adding this list to my prep book!

Palmetto Prepper

By:  Alec Sharp (Palmetto Prepper)

I put together a qucik checklist for new preppers.  I have had several people ask me what do I need to get started, so I put this together as a quick list for the newbie.

  1. LED Flashlight
  2. Batteries – 10 for every item
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Water – two ways to purity water
  5. Fire – two ways to start
  6. Food
    1. 20 lbs rice
    2. 20 lbs dried beans
    3. 20 can fruit
    4. 20 cans vegetables
    5. 20 cans meat
    6. 2 cans peanut butter – large
    7. 2 containers of Tang – large
    8. 2 bags flour
    9. 1 bag sugar
    10. 1 bag salt
    11. 1 bag oats (rolled)
    12. 1 gallon Olive Oil
  7. Corded phone/Hand crank radio
  8. 100 % Wool Blanket – one for everyone
  9. Vitamin Supplements
  10. Ammo – 250 rounds for each weapon

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