Let me begin by apologizing for “tomorrow” turning into several days later. I suffer from migraines and in some cases can function except when writing.. It would have been verrry scarrryyy…This baby dragged on for 3 days…

Anyway, enough excuses. on with some thoughts.

So, I figured that the best way to consider the laws of the human and how they are in direct contradiction of the Cosmic Ethic is to work with the basic needs and then show three examples with each, I will supply some links as I find them.. However, I encourage you to look up this info yourself. Don’t just listen to me.. go check it out:

1) Eat: All human HAVE to eat, right? In that we have the right to eat food that nourishes us. Otherwise eating is pointless.

http://inthesetimes.com/article/3358/feeding_the_hungry_is_a_crime/  is a link to a story in Orlando FLA, 2007 where people have been arrested for feeding the hungry.

In 2011 a woman in Oak Park, Michigan faced 93 days in jail for growing a garden in her own yard so she could feed herself.

Within Bureaucratic policy making, there are many stories of CPS workers threatening to take away children i n homes that “hoard” food. While not “Illegal”, those storing food, ( such as myself), are considered mentally ill and are scaring our children by wishing to be prepared. Many CPS agencies have a policy that a family must be investigated if turned in for “hoarding” food.

2) Drink: By this, of course I mean the most basic; water.

The first laws I will point out do not exist any more, but graphically illustrate Law as a con-job. White only water fountains of the South. Until the late 60’s early 70’s many public places had water fountains for every one marked “coloreds only” 7 to 10 were marked “whites only”. Imagine being arrested for the right to quench your thirst.

Utah, Oregon and Colorado have laws limiting your RIGHT to catch rainwater in a container and use it to quench your thirst or even water your plants.  And it is supposedly outright illegal in 9 states.I have not had time to check up on this one, so if anyone knows them I would love to know which ones!

Among national ” laws” are water trading laws. Within these laws big corps are given rights to drain water from our great lakes and other water areas and sell the water to other countries or bottle it and sell it to you! Conversely, these laws give the right tot he Corp to sue YOU if you access the same water and purify it for your drinking needs!

3) Rest: We all need sleep. many time we cannot even control our bodies when they decide it’s time. While most of us have a roof over our head, many do not, yet they still need to rest. Instead of a gov’t and society that aid in helping the poor and homeless find safe places to rest we have the following…

Orange County CA among many other counties have outlawed sleeping in cars. I mean, unless it is someone else’s car. The person is off the street and obviously has no place else to go, or they wouldn’t be in their damn car!

http://www.nationalhomeless.org/publications/crimreport/meanestcities.html links to a site describing the criminalization of homelessness including open sleeping  and sleeping in tents in informal camping areas. I will consider these laws 2 and3 and refer back to this link in several more areas.

4)Thinking and Communicating: The First Amendment covers this in our constitution and I can cover the laws pretty quickly here…. Free speech zones set up after the passing of the patriot act.  “Hate speech” which is obviously a terrible thing, but based in thought and responsibility for speaking out. This is a cultural issue and not the gov’ts right to arrest a person for having thoughts. The Criminalization of thought thru mental illness laws, specifically my mention of CPS and “hoarding”, ( Not real hoarding, obviously, but prepping for disaster, job loss, etc. ).

5)Evacuate: Here is one that gets me every time. I can mention old laws of the south of White only Bathrooms. Imagine having to pee so bad and having to risk arrest to GO!

Currently we have lawmakers in some states wanting to have arrests for people using the wrong gender bathroom. You can argue this is for the safety of women or whatever, but if the bathroom is a lock door, one person, why outlaw the use to one gender? I also point back to the Homeless link for info on the criminalization of using otherwise public bathrooms if one is homeless.

What really gets me is the little people laws.. Specifically the case of  3 year old Dillion of Oklahoma. He was potty training and “HAD to GO.” He was standing in the front yard and went pee. His grandmother was fined $2,500.00!!!!  Now, I am not saying we should all have the right to whip it out or go in the streets, but this is a very good example of the basic human need being restrained. the grandmother had already explained to Dillon he needed to come in and use to bathroom before he needed to go so bad. Why fine the family for the simple needs of a 3 year old????

6) Ambulate:  Movement. From the basic of moving from room to room to traveling. We are restricted with “driving” licenses that are taken away at a whim. We register a car and then the plates are run constantly for no reason. You could be traveling in your car, following all the traffic “laws” and the “law” allows for the cop to monitor your plates anyway. This makes me feel weird, and not wish to travel at will. Ambulating, including walking or rolling ( if you have the wheelchair need), in many areas can merit a cop stop, due to policies and statutes made up by law makers. I once watched a man get ticketed for “dancing” up a sidewalk. He was stopped by the police for suspicious behavior. He had just had a good experience,was sober, but happy and told by the cops it was illegal for him to dance unless there was a parade. He laughed and kept dancing and was ticketed 500$. He was AMBULATING his way home. No issues.. His walking included dancesteps of happiness. This was illegal!

I will cover Sheltered, Hygienic and Healthy in the next blog!


The Savage


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