Ever look at a law or code book for the Federal government? At our local University Library it is… Wait for it… SEVEN (7) bookcases ( two sided) long. Ever look at your state’s? Or county’s? I have looked through them for different things and found them cumbersome, unintelligible and to be honest, a con job. Every time some whiner says “There should be a law!” Guess what some vote greedy “lawmaker” does? Makes a law. In cities and counties these are not even laws, they are policies. ( Which is illegal.. but that is another topic.)

Now, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the US and the Bill of Rights are well thought out and  well written documents that can be argued to be obsolete or timely. I would say they are as timely as the Ten Commandments. ( For those in the know, I am a queer spectrum, non-Christian Female and I am sure this statement seems shocking!). Let me explain:

Man is just a spiritual essence in a meat-stick. We are “sent here” having NO idea what the hell is happening or going to happen. Yet we feel, we WANT to connect with something. We want to understand what the hell it’s all about. Even the atheist has a calling, usually to science.  The essence comes to the body with a “Cosmic Ethic”.  we KNOW we need to help a baby or a sick person. We KNOW we need to eat. A great set of novels that reflects on the idea in the “Earth Children” Series by J. Auel.  So, anyway, we have intelligent minds that try to document what is “the point”. You end up with Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Political platforms, etc etc etc. ( please use Yul Brenner accent for ALL etc etc etc.. It makes it more fun!).

Now, these are just human based points. They are not even going to TOUCH on the idea, because we see everything in black and white. In the Cosmic Ethic, there is a lot of room for spectrum. However, the Ten Commandments try to touch on it. Buddha did a damn good job, and, I think, so did the old white deists that worked up our founding documents in the USA.

So what IS the Cosmic Ethic. I do not KNOW what it is, however, I have pondered the thought a lot and have a very limited definition of what it is. ( I have to justify 69,000$ in student loans some how!!!!!)

Cosmic Ethic, ( as considered by L. Jones)

Specific Ethics are transferred to us at the birth of our cosmic journey. Over time these have been eroded from the mind by our own arrogance and the by the work of the human despots with pathic issues. ( Pshyco- or Socio-) These have corrupted the ethic and this severs the connection with the Cosmic Ethic. Every time the human falls into fascist control complexes, ( Military/Industrial, Medical/Industrial, etc etc etc.), we move farther away from the connection. Many attempt to reconnect and are led to religio/facist control and again the connection is lost.

An expansion of the Cosmic Ethic, ( in my limited thinking), is this:

1) All earth beings, as well as the Earth itself and our local cosmic geography have a right to unfettered existence within the needs of the beings and the geography. Any use of the resources beyond basic needs is excess that require karmic balancing.

2) Nothing on this Earth can be possessed. The humans in want of control set up a false system of possession that uses the “drugs” of status and greed. Items being utilized by the human are in their care and temporary control. To remove a real or perceived item in the care of a human before it is time for that human to pass it on is against the cosmic ethic. ( Theft) This includes Life Essence. ( Murder)

3) The Life Essence gifted to each being during their stay on Earth id only in the care of that being. Plants and animals have been generous in allowing the right of different Life Essences to retrieve their life force for nourishment and healing. To misuse this is against the Cosmic Ethic.

4) Mothers have been given the sole right to decide the capability of the the life force in a vulnerable human of their seed. Only if a mother is not capable should the decision be passed to the father or a ward. The mother carries the vulnerable and is fully connected. At all costs the despot community should be avoided as a caregiver.

5) Each physical body has the right to remain untouched and safe from harm. In addition, each life cauldron, ( brain, spinal cord), also has the right. To force on another unneeded or unwarranted words or acts is a violation of the Cosmic Ethic.

6) All action must be done without intentional malignancy.

7) To speak freely may be a “right” In the human plain, but it is a gift given at cosmic inception. it comes with extreme responsibility. To generate thought, analyze such and speak to the opinion of, or enjoy the humor of is open to all, as long as it does not abuse the vulnerable.

8) Friendship, in all it’s forms, is the ultimate Cosmic Ethic instilled at conception. All form of interaction and conception should be utilized thru the lens of friendship.

9) Appropriate discrimination is also a gift from the cosmic conception. It saves the human from danger and allows for individuality. To abuse this thru “isms” is a violation of the Cosmic Ethic.

10) Every Human is born  with the need to eat, drink, rest, think, communicate such, evacuate, ambulate, be sheltered, hygienic and healthy.All peoples should be rightly provided with the tools that allow for this. To make “profit” from these is a violation of the cosmic ethic. ( In my opinion, “profit” is made by corporations and not by individuals bartering with each other for needs)

11) Every Human has the responsibility to consider their individual connection to the Cosmic Conception and the right to form a process of explanation and practice, as well as any human needed rites associated with that explanation as long as it does not violate the Cosmic Ethic.

12) we must live each moment so we can sense the Cosmic Ethic. If you cannot justify the actions you have preformed or stand to accept the potential consequences the despots will place upon you, you have not acted within the Cosmic Ethic.

In Summary:

The Pure action that exists in the deep psyche of the human, not marred by mental or social pathism, that may be referred to as religious, spiritual or cultural, has been dislodged, corrupted and controlled by despotism. One can return to a limited understanding and enjoyment of the actions by working past the despotic controls.

Also could be called.. COMMON SENSE!

Sooooo…How does this relate to “laws”. These are like “laws”. These are not “laws”.  While I can write out the thoughts, they are not encoded in any book to be followed upon threat of punishment. Ethics are more “known” an inner realization, that these blogged words can only touch the tip of.  Laws are made and coded to keep those that are “pathic”, ( so far cut off from the Cosmic Ethic they would not know it if it sat next to them and bought them a beer!), can be punished.

However, the problem is that the “pathic” have taken over and are making the laws!  We are swamped in laws trying to control our every motion for the “pathic’s” benefit!!! They violate every one of the Cosmic Ethics. The Law is the Con Job and we are the abused.

Tomorrow: Examples of how current laws and acts are in direct violation of the Cosmic Ethic.



The Savage


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