A ramble through the brain…..

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Really Random Thinking
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Here I am. I am rambling through my brain considering thoughts on sovereignty and spirituality; conspiracy and consciousnesses; prepping and parenting. All this in a time when we are seeing attacks on our economics, spiritual beliefs and life freedoms. I had many posts up here for two years, but trashed them! Why? Because what is happening is deeper than news and vids and “facts”. There is deep truth that we need to share and discuss. I am sick of Facebook immaturity and online “instant info” that fills our hearts and heads and then is found to be lies and garbage.  I want to journal the way I connect the dots and how I honor your way of connecting the dots, even if we are not completely on the same page, we are all in the chapter and are reading the same book!  I want to talk to like minded people that know their thoughts are as important and authoritative, ( if not more), as some stuffed shirt with 3 Phds behind his or her name. I want to show my progress thru prepping and thinking and crafting and anything else that promotes my and your “Libertas”.

So, Here I am. Will you join me?

Tomorrow: The Cosmic Ethic. My thoughts on why man made laws are a con job.



The Savage

  1. Jamie hill says:

    I am in on some well thought out conversation for once. Lets just make a promise here and now…look in to what we post and if the person is wrong speak to them…wait did I just say speak well yes I believe I did…not yell not cuss not threaten them SPEAK with them on why you believe them to be wrong. Lets bring the conversations on..

    I for one would like to know why not believing in the “One” true god is wrong with our government? Is this not a free country where if your a pagan it’s great, heathens are welcome come one come all there is no one true way? What happened to that?

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